After studying Graphic Design from 1980-1983 Govinder Nazran went on to study for a Higher Diploma in Graphic Design at Lincoln Art College. Govinder Nazran moved to London where he worked on illustrations for children's books, moving to Cambridge 6 months later to continue working as a freelance illustrator.

Govinder Nazran became a photographic art director, working on fashion shoots all over the world. In 1993 Govinder moved back to the North of England to work freelance on card designs for major publishing countries.

Govinder Nazran entered the fine art market in 1999 and has since published a number of silkscreens and lithographs. Govinder stated that many of his paintings are about good and evil- innocence and malevolence. He mostly used solid oil bars directly onto canvas, manipulating the paint with his fingers. Govinder Nazran was recently voted The Best-Selling Published Artist 2004.

Sadly Govinder passed away in 2008, having been involved in a tragic accident.